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Aftercare Hours

Monday – Friday 3PM-6PM


ENROLLMENT PROCEDURES: All participants must fill out an Aftercare registration form. The supply fee ($25) and the first week’s tuition must be paid in full at the time of registration. If a child is absent, you will still be responsible for the full payment of your committed time. Once your spot is reserved at registration, you are responsible for all subsequent payments.




After Care and Fees: Aftercare Fee is due on the Wednesday before the week of care. All accounts should be paid one week in advance of care. A $10.00 late fee may be charged for any payment received after the week of care. Delinquent accounts are subject to dis-enrollment. A supply fee of $30.00 is due upon enrollment.


Ages 4-10 (4+ days/week) $45/week

Ages 4-10 (1-3 days/week) $30/week

Ages 11-14 (4+ days/week) $30/week

Ages 11-14 (1-3 days/week) $20/week



Refund Policy: You may cancel your enrollment at any time. Parents must inform the aftercare site in writing of withdrawal so that the child can be removed from the rosters, otherwise parents will be charged for their child’s absence.